Tuesday 20 March 2012

My Second Post

So I am back for my second blog ! Hope all my well wishers are doing even better than they were when they read my previous blog..thank you for all the feedback on the website... So happy everybody liked it !

Im all set to leave to Dubai for Dasamama 's Dasettan@50 world tour tomorrow. Happy that I got be a part of a wonderful team comprising of, of course, Dasamama, my Amma, Viju chettan (Vijay Yesudas), Stephen chettan (Stephen Devassy) and a lovely orchestra.

I cannot but hide my excitement when the four of us perform. Its like a family show :) we ve done only three other such shows but every time it never fails to bring back the childhood memories of listening to Dasamama and Amma sing on stage, me sitting comfortably on my grandma's lap and enjoying the concert. Each one of the songs they used to sing then brings back this memory now when I hear them somewhere. Vijay, although he was a little boy back then, used to be stage-friendly and join in a few songs here and there. Even his brothers Vinod and Vishal used to sing sometimes. Why, even my dad never missed an opportunity to sing his favourite Dasamama song when called up on stage :) My first ever stage singing also was back then, when I was 6 or 7, when Amma, Vijay, Vishal and I sang 'anjali anjali anjali' together. Even though I was really young then, I remember the moments  clearly even now. Fond memories.

And now, years later, Vijay and I have also established ourselves as playback singers. We consider it purely divine coincidence that our break in the industry came at the same time with Jayan chettan's Kolakuzhalvili. I dont have brothers of my own and Vijay very lovingly fills in the gap. As much as I consider myself very fortunate to be born to my Amma and Acha, I am lucky that I know Dasamama and Prabhamayi so well that they are like part of my family.

As far as music goes, Dasamama will always be my biggest inspiration. I need not go to books and biographies to be inspired. At this age, after all that he has achieved, he still sits with his music text books and learns. On flight journeys, he is with his laptop and walkman and learning. He respects his voice more than anythin else. His life centres around his music and singing. He is God-fearing and surrenders his achievements to his gurus. What more do I need for inspiration?

Having said all this, I am looking forward to a good concert in Dubai! Dubai audience has always been wonderful. And what with so many evergreen songs of Dasamama's Im sure they will enjoy it. Amma, Viju chettan and I will be rendering a few of our hit songs as well. Ashwin is flying in from Chennai just to be part of this special concert :) :)

Until next time, please do continue giving in your feedback and THANK YOU for all the love and support.

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